1. Warming up backstage today. #captain #gig #music #concert #guitar


  2. A friend of mine wrote me a stunning poem based on my song ‘Captain’. A poem about time which is the only constant in love. Love and heartbreak are not constants and only time can be cruel or kind to us. The poem is a plea for time to be kind.

    The poem is probably my favourite thing I have. I love it so much that i adapted some of the words into lyric form and made this song. (The poem is nicer than the song!)
    I recorded it in 30 mins, giving myself only one take on every instrument played to get as raw-a-feel as I could. (Wish my guitar solo was stronger!)
    Like many of my songs you don’t get to hear, I don’t intend on doing anything with this one, but i did want to share it with you, as a tribute to my friend who wrote me my poem.
    Like all my songs, its free to download from my ‘BemProductions’ soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/bemproductions
    (NOT Tom Bem)

    Found drowning helpless
    hope has found you
    bare skin like silk, they’re restless
    breathe again kind heart, the storm has passed
    the wreck disappears into the dark.

    Time is the thief who stalks and won’t stay kind
    blinded by, questions why this love got left behind

    Beyond a candle glow
    bodies entwined, a troubled look and cupid’s bow
    he shoots, he cuts deep
    their hearts both weep
    beaten by these Chinese whispers

    ‘Pursue you’ they all say.


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  4. Where has summer gone? 😠 5 mins in the rain and I’m drenched. #summer #selfie #boy #wet




  7. You can always find me in the kitchen at parties. #football


  8. Little scat I just made up. Cracking the #telecaster out. #jam for #breakfast #guitar #singing #studio


  9. Morning jam. #guitar #music #acoustic


  10. I found speeding this video up quite funny. First one to guess the song correctly gets a thumbs up from me. @ben_gorman